Voyager's save journey

Voyager's save Journey

On 2 October 2021 singer songwriter Danny Guinan and Ed Veltrop, vocals and piano, performed in our observatory, Sterrenwacht Phoenix Lochem. A lovely concert followed. One of the themes was space which was reflected by their title song Little Star. That evening our chairman was handed Danny’s model Voyager 2 by Danny himself with the request to look after the Voyager’s safe journey into the world and to make sure its new keepers will in turn send it on the third leg of its journey.

On 24 November 2021 my colleague Gerrit Dreise and the undersigned of Sterrenwacht Phoenix were given the opportunity to hand over the Voyager to Ramón Navarro, project manager at NOVA/ASTRON in Dwingeloo. Thanks to our Phoenix colleague Rick Romp of NOVA, we were given a most interesting tour of the premises and a number of pictures of the handover followed.

We will remain in touch with the Voyager’s new guardians and look forward to its next leap into the unknown.